Adese Markt launched its activities with a unique concept and a different understanding by opening  its first branch in Hamburg in 2006. It became the first and only shopping center of Hamburg that offered  diverse products in a wide range from all over the world, instead of being restricted to only products of turkish origin. Adese Markt which presently  addresses a  wide customer portfolio with its products from 39 different countries continues its efforts to  offer products from even more countries to its customers. Having opened its branchs in Wilhemsburg and Nettelnburg (Bergedorf) in 2010 and 2011 respectively, Adese Markt  increased the number of its sale outlets in Hamburg to three and continues ist  preparations to open new branches in different quarters of Hamburg. 


Adese Markt has a unique position with its capacity and the customer  mass that it has access to .


• An average of 70.00 customers visit Adese Markt shops every month

• It has more than 40  employees.

• It has a range of products exceeding 10.000 items

• We work with more than 500 suppliers


Adese Markt is always proud to offer to its  customers those  products within ist product portfolio which are the best, the most fresh and the cheapest  as a result of ist service policy based on competitive prices which is also supported by promotions and campaigns organized from time to time  


Adese Markt  ensures  his customers to have an easy  access to all the products that they need by keeping a sufficient stock of all different sorts of products. Besides it adheres to the strictest health and hygyenic standarts in providing its services.


Visit  Adese Markt branch which is nearest to you and experience our difference concretely.





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