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Being a sale outlet for products from 39 countries at the time, Adese Markt comes to the fore as the supermarket with the most diverse    product range  in Hamburg . A very wide range of  food  products characterized by  the ethnoconcept and coming from 39 different countries  are offered to you as our valuable consumers in our supermarkets.    

We are doing everything to offer  each and every product that our consumers need  with our product portfolio exceeding 10,000 items.  We are always  able to  offer you the “best”  thanks to our continiously increasing product diversity  and the importance we attribute to consumer satisfaction.

You may find daily fresh fish products  besides meat and chicken products, which are  slaughtered in accordance with  halal (i.e. Islamic canons), in our butcher department. 


Alcohol is excluded from our product portfolio and no products like pig  meat and pig products, which are outside the concept of “halal” food,  may find a place in our shelves

You may taste hot and delicious pitas in our bakery and pastry   department  besides  pastry products suitable for  the turkish and german taste and eat your’s fill by ordering turkish pizza and  our other  fastfood varieties. 


At the steak tartar a la turca department in our Hamburg branch you may taste and enjoy our steak tartar a la turca which are prepared  freshly every day  anda assertive  with their taste 

You may find the daily freshest products under most competitive  prices in our vegetable and fruit departments. Our vegetable and fruit department  offers products from many countries. You may find everything you look for in Adese Markt with our diverse sorts of fruits and vegetables  exceeding 600 items.   

Besides, we offer you all products that you, as our valuable consumers,   need, in our supermarkets.  Our products are always fresh and and their date of expiry are regularly controlled  by our authorized staff.  The products  of which date of expiry is approaching are removed from the shelves and replaced by new ones





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